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To have your company details included on the Event Greening Forum’s Green Supplier Database, you need to provide information that supports the “green credentials”:

  • Provide information about the sustainable attributes of your venues, products or services and how they promote environmentally friendly principles and/or socially responsible outcomes; and/or
  • Provide information about the steps your company is taking to be more sustainable in its internal operations.


Within 7 days of submitting your application, you will be notified via email whether it has been accepted or declined. This decision will be based on whether your application includes sufficient information about the green credentials. We therefore encourage you to clearly indicate these green characteristics in your application. This information will also assist people looking to procure sustainable solutions for their events. Any third party verification will be advantageous.

Please note: All company details that are listed on our Supplier Database are done so based on the information that is provided and in good faith that it is correct. Should we discover that you have been dishonest with regards to your green credentials, we reserve the right to remove your listing/s from the Supplier Database without compensation.

By continuing, you indicate that you understand the requirements for a listing on the Event Greening Forum’s Supplier Database, and that all information you have supplied is accurate and correct to the best of your knowledge

Pricing Plans

Platinum Package


Per Package

  • icon-cross Duration : 365 days
  • icon-checkMax. Listings : 10
  • icon-check Map Display
  • icon-check Contact Display
  • icon-check Image Gallery
  • icon-check Business Tagline
  • icon-check Location
  • icon-check Website
  • icon-check Social Links
  • icon-cross Tags/Keywords
  • icon-check Logo
  • icon-check Motivation
Silver Package (Free)


Per Listing

  • icon-cross Duration : Unlimited days
  • icon-cross Map Display
  • icon-check Contact Display
  • icon-cross Image Gallery
  • icon-cross Business Tagline
  • icon-cross Location
  • icon-cross Website
  • icon-cross Social Links
  • icon-cross Tags/Keywords
  • icon-check Logo
  • icon-check Motivation

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*All Event Greening Forum members will automatically receive a Gold Package listing. If EGF members would like to upgrade to the Platinum package, they need only to pay the price difference of R350.00.