Welcome to the circle of the uniquely spicy company - GingerBiscuit.

GingerBiscuit contributes to making the world a better place, by creatively connecting people in a sustainable way, through sustainable event management, outsourced sustainability consulting and training.

GingerBiscuit was launched in 2017 to provide a “greener” vision for the events and marketing industries within South Africa. Since then our vision has grown to include outsourced sustainability consulting, as well as training. Why “green” you say? It’s simple, people and the planet are at the centre of our circle - social and environmental sustainability is what gets our creative juices flowing. We want to have a positive impact on the world in environmental, social and economic areas, that are not only beneficial, but also inspirational, and challenge the standard way of thinking, while leaving a legacy that is continuously learning and evolving to benefit not only the here and now, but also future generations. GingerBiscuit’s services include:
  • Outsourced Sustainability Consulting/Co-Ordination;
  • Sustainable Event Management, Co-Ordination and Planning;
  • Training;
  • Event Greening;
  • Venue Greening;
  • Business Greening;
  • Concept Design; and
  • Basic Marketing, Design and Copywriting.
GingerBiscuit events and consulting, caters to both the social and corporate market - because after all, we would like everyone to join our circle.