Foakes Coffee Roastery & Bakery is a boutique coffee shop focusing on producing the highest quality and best tasting breads and coffee. We slow-ferment our breads using stoneground, unbleached flour and roast our coffee in small batches on-site. Our love for coffee and bread shows in every loaf, and every cup of coffee. We are a part of Victoria Yards, a community-based urban complex in Lorentzville. You will find us here among many other creatives. The focus of Victoria Yards is to provide a space for artisan studios, urban farming, skills development and visual arts. This is a place where crafts people can create, work and exhibit their ideas and where skills and knowledge are shared to empower individuals in the community. We truly believe that providing people with the opportunity to showcase their talent or to develop new skills is important in creating an environment where people thrive as a community.