About Us

The Event Greening Forum (EGF) is a registered non-profit organisation that promotes sustainable event management (also known as ‘event greening’), where sustainability refers to the triple bottom line of peopleplanet and prosperity (or social, environmental and economic considerations).

This website hosts the EGF’s Green Supplier Database which lists companies in South Africa that supply green venues, services or products for business events, whereby ‘green’ indicates:

  • The venues, products or services have sustainable attributes in that they promote environmentally friendly principles and/or socially responsible outcomes; and/or
  • The company is taking steps to be more sustainable through its internal operations.


The purpose of this database is to encourage companies to use more environmentally and social responsible options when planning and hosting events. However, as a starting point and because the sustainable events movement is in it’s infancy in South Africa, we are encouraging a wide range of green listings.  Over time the EGF will provide more specific criteria to avoid greenwashing.

For more information on certification labels and greenwashing, read this.

We encourage users of the Supplier Database to ask questions to verify the information provided on any items you are interested in. Please provide us with feedback, and particularly if you discover that a company is being dishonest with regards to its green credentials. You can report them to us via email to info@eventgreening.co.za.

Disclaimer: The products and services contained in this database are based on information supplied by the companies listed and the EGF cannot be held responsible for any incorrect information. All information in the listings has been supplied to us and accepted in good faith that it is correct.

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